How can we help you?

Our Offer

Setting up a business/company

We advise in choosing the optimal form of business. We complete and prepare all documents necessary to start a business.

Tax consultancy

In addition to providing accounting services, we also provide tax consultancy for companies interested in expanding knowledge in this area, as well as those seeking tax support.

Legal advice

Knowing how important comprehensiveness is nowadays, we also provide legal support. We perfectly know the operating principles and problems associated with business operations, allowing us to develop and implement effective and practical solutions that take into account the real needs of our clients.

Financial services

Depending on your needs, we advise and help you choose the best form of financing our clients’ business. We are able to offer economic and investment loans without credit history checks, which are the factors that have an impact on business development. In addition, we help in leasing cars, machines and equipment for the company.

Change of legal form
of business

The company’s development is primarily associated with increased financial responsibility, and thus also with increased risk. We will comprehensively change the legal form of our clients’ operations, to minimize them, by choosing the most optimal form by:

  • changing from self-employed status to a limited company,
  • liquidating self-employed business, followed by the establishment of a new company,
  • sale of business assets to the company,
  • transformation of a self-employed business into a capital company.

Audit and removal of accounting
and tax arrears

We analyze and verify the quality and reliability of bookkeeping responding to the individual needs of the most demanding customers. We deduce tax arrears for earlier reporting periods, correct declarations, prepare financial statements and annual settlements based on the provisions of tax and balance law in force in corrected periods based on the received source evidence.

We approach each customer individually

Determining the price of comprehensive service is based on a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and the scope of services necessary for the optimal functioning of the company.

We welcome you to complete a short form so that we can estimate the price calculation of our services. The information it contains will help us determine the potential work input necessary to service your business.